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About Mitchell Aircraft

For over 30 years, Mitchell Aircraft has been providing the world’s airlines, cargo operators, and MROs with quality aircraft parts and a level of service unlike any other. Founded in 1987, our companies have grown to become among the largest and most respected independent global parts distributors in the industry.

We have worked hard to create a company culture that employees want to be part of and continue investing in ways to keep up with the ever-changing marketplace. This allows us to help our customers stay in step with developments in supply chain and inventory management and give them confidence in our ability to deliver on our commitments.

Business Challenges & Needs

Technology has always been a critical component in Mitchell Aircraft’s ability to service our customers. Though traditional e-mail messaging has served our company well over the past 30 years, we couldn’t help but feel constrained by the shortcomings and manual data entry required to manage our day-to-day sales activity.   

It is a common problem in the aviation industry and one that, historically, each company was left to solve on its own.  Thankfully, the folks at Ambry Hill Technologies have created a unique cloud-based solution for resolving this inefficient and costly workflow problem. 

“Traditional email messaging has served our sales team well these past 30 years, though solely using email for managing inbound RFQs is clunky and inefficient. Our sales team uses VistaQuote to automate RFQ gathering, distribution, and association of real-time business system information, optimizing our sales team workflow and speed of service to our customers.” 

Doug Sebion President, Mitchell Aircraft

The Solution

Inside VistaSuite, we use the VistaQuote application as our front-end sales platform. Our sales team uses VistaQuote’s web-based and mobile application to automate RFQ gathering, assignment of incoming opportunities, and quote responses. 

VistaSuite also has a real-time integration with our existing business software making every detail we need to provide a quote to our customers available within a couple of clicks. Additionally, when an RFQ is quoted in VistaQuote, the transaction is simultaneously created inside our existing business system, even when using the mobile app. 

The Results

Since first going live on the platform in late 2019, we have experienced a significant increase in productivity. Compared to traditional email methods, we now receive all requests from our marketplaces digitally and respond within half the time. 

These features, combined with the modern interface and excellent support we receive from the Ambry Hill team, have allowed us to fully integrate the VistaSuite platform into our sales workflow.   

Optimizing our internal processes and level of service to our customers has enabled Mitchell Aircraft to fundamentally modernize our sales team’s efficiency.

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VistaQuote is a cloud-based application designed to automate your RFQ management and quoting workflow, which works alongside your existing ERP system.

Sales teams use VistaQuote to manage RFQs and quotes, which are accompanied by real-time inventory and history information from your existing business system, all inside one intuitive platform.

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