How Ultimate Aviation Solutions Leveraged Auto-Quoting and AI as a Force Multiplier

In the dynamic world of aviation, providing critical parts and aftermarket operations is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Ultimate Aviation Solutions (UAS) has emerged as a leading provider in this space, catering to a global customer base and representing more than 225 manufacturers. However, their continuous growth brought forth a new challenge - handling an overwhelming number of Request for Quote (RFQ) messages. But with Ambry Hill's VistaQuote automation technology, UAS was able to revolutionize its RFQ response system, experiencing impressive revenue growth and operational efficiency.

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Meeting Demand Amidst Growing RFQ Numbers

With a reputation for exceptional service and a vast selection of aviation parts, UAS found itself inundated with RFQs from customers and prospects worldwide. As the number of incoming RFQs continued to rise, their four-person sales team struggled to manually respond to each request, leaving nearly 45% of RFQs unanswered. This led to missed business opportunities and created a significant drain on resources.

The diverse nature of RFQ formats and sources added complexity to their workflow. UAS needed a solution that could handle RFQs from various channels, including direct emails, website submissions, and parts locator services like PartsBase. Moreover, they required a system that could integrate with their in-house pricing database, which relied on spreadsheets and daily lists from OEM manufacturers.

Transforming the RFQ Workflow with VistaQuote and AI

After evaluating various options, Victor Galarza, CEO of UAS, identified Ambry Hill's VistaQuote as the superior solution for their needs. VistaQuote provided advanced automation capabilities, integration with their existing systems, and most importantly, the sought-after auto-quoting functionality.

With VistaQuote in place, UAS could now standardize and automate its RFQ collection and management. Moreover, they leveraged VistaQuote's new AI technology to interpret unstructured RFQ emails, bringing all incoming requests under one umbrella. The system seamlessly integrated with UAS's in-house pricing database, allowing for tailored auto-quoting based on the company's pricing logic.

Soaring to New Heights

The implementation of VistaQuote brought about remarkable results for UAS. The numbers speak for themselves: from March to June 2023, they processed approximately 15,266 RFQs, double the volume compared to the previous year. VistaQuote's auto-quoting accounted for at least 55% of their quoting activity within the same timeframe, representing nearly 8,500 RFQs.

This automation and AI-driven approach profoundly impacted UAS's efficiency and productivity. They estimated an impressive 110% increase in efficiency while significantly reducing the overall workload. More importantly, the automated quotes were just as accurate and reliable as those generated manually.

Unlocking Potential with VistaQuote

UAS's success story exemplifies the power of automation and AI in driving revenue growth and improving operational efficiency. With VistaQuote, they were able to handle the surging RFQ volume and increase their win ratios. The solution acted as a force multiplier for their lean team, providing the capability to meet customer demands without compromise.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, businesses must embrace innovative solutions like VistaQuote to stay ahead. Don't let valuable opportunities pass you by - schedule your personalized product demonstration today and elevate your operations to new heights.

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How Ultimate Aviation Solutions Leveraged Auto-Quoting and AI as a Force Multiplier How Ultimate Aviation Solutions Leveraged Auto-Quoting and AI as a Force Multiplier Reviewed by Ambry Hill Technologies on August 04, 2023 Rating: 5
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